saladEating salads may be one of the healthiest habits that an individual can adopt but the question we all ask ourselves is; “which are the most healthy salads?” Before this question is answered, we have to understand that eating salad is packed with a number of nutritional benefits.

It is quite obvious that salads are good us, but not all salad greens come with a nutritional punch. A salad can only be healthy if you add the right ingredients. Listed below,arequite a number of salad recipes that are not only mouthwatering but also nutrient packed.

Radish, Melon and Cucumber Salad

This is a great combination of fruit and vegetable which offers one quite a wide range of vitamin and mineral content. The salad can be mixed with almonds, honey and oil dressing. It makes an ideal accompaniment with poultry and smoke meats.

Garlicky Apple and Sprout Salad

A mixture of apple and sprouts is quite a healthy combination. Tons of ginger is used to complement the flavors of both the sprout and apples. Ginger is also associated with a number of health benefits like alleviating indigestion and problems associated with flatulence.

Bulgur Wheat and Shrimp Salad

Bulgur is usually very convenient when it comes to making salads. It is quite quick to prepare and makes an ideal pantry standby that can be used in salads. This salad recipe is colorful, nutty textured and full of goodness.

Tips for making Healthiest Salads

When making the healthiest salads; there are steps that one has to keep in mind. These include:

• Start by choosing a base that provides the most important nutrients like lutein and folic acid. This can be achieved through various vegetables like spinach, green lettuces and kales.

• When picking your vegetables, always make sure that you pick fresh ones. Choosesalad2 vegetables with variety of colors to make you salad more appealing e.g. broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots and red bell peppers.

• If you’re planning to use your salad as the main meal,make sure you add protein. You can use eggs, skinless chicken or turkey breast. Make sure you stay away from processed and caloric meats like salami and bacon.

• Always try to dress up your salad lightly. Choose a dressing that is low in calorie and low in fat options. So, which are the most healthy salads? The healthiest salads are coupled with a variety of nutrients. Therefore if you want to make a healthy salad always ensure that the ingredients you are using are packed with a variety of nutrients and vitamins.